Find out more about the 2BFUELED network of products and services here.  Get information about the fuel card systems, reporting and pricing.  


  Great Fuel PRICES!

  Accepted at over 58,000 locations Nationwide and Canada (All the Major Truck Stops, PILOT's, LOVE's, PETRO's, TA's, CFN's, FUELMAN's, CHEVRON's, SINCLAIR's, VALERO's, & MANY MORE...)

  Fuel cards are by default restricted to fuel and fuel only to reduce concern about unapproved purchases.

  You can set up limits as to hours of the day, days of the week, gallons per transaction, number of transactions per day, and maximum gallons per day.

  Your fuel statements will detail the fuel card number, driver, date, time, taxes charged by area, type and amount of fuel purchased.

  Card Watch, a one-of-kind tracking tool that can alert the cardholder and/or manager via email or text message when the selected fuel cards are used. The notification provides the fuel card number, gallons, product, site number, date, and time.

  Odometer Authorization, you can set odometer parameters with Range per Tank and Tank Tolerance Feature.

  The odometer feature keeps track of your m.p.g. for each vehicle, this way you can monitor maintenance schedules.

  Fuel Management Reports that will indicate volume/fuel type purchasing patterns, and provide detail information of fueling transactions.

  You will have Internet access to your own account so you can see your transactions immediately. In addition, you can validate and invalidate your own fuel cards, setup your daily or weekly transaction limits, and modify DID (pin) numbers as you see fit.



Go Mobile with 2BFUELED

Download the CFN Smartphone Applications.  

The CFN and Fuelman Smartphone applications offer best in class technology and functionality including:
– Touch (not type) design for ease of use
– Where am I? (Navigation/GPS)
– Phone hyperlinks
– Maps/Routing
– Filtering capabilities
– Save/Search options
– Designed to run and load quickly
– Built to evolve with new features and technology

Fuel Card Systems

  Single Card – Link the fuel card to the vehicle, to equipment, or to the driver.

  Floating Pin –This system consists of one (1) physical card and one (1) virtual card-driver id *DID/Pin Number. Link the physical fuel card to the vehicle or equipment, and the driver gets a unique virtual card number and DID/Pin number.

2BFUELED Security

  E-Receipts - Quantity fuel receipts that can be sent via email or text message directly to your mobile phone or email address.

 24Hr Access - 24/7 managerial privileges that will allow invalidating, validating, resetting, and changing settings on fuel cards.

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